Verilux Therapy

Do you find yourself depressed when the sky isn’t funny?

Do you feel that your moods seem related to the weather? Then you are one of the many people who have Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD. Thankfully, there’s no reason to be sad with the advent of Verilux SAD therapy light.

Melatonin is released when the body is deprived of light. This chemical enhances sleepiness, contributing to the body’s circadian rhythm. Unfortunately, some people also become depressed and feel drained when melatonin is overly produced. This is where Verilux SAD therapy light does its magic as it provides full spectrum light, mimicking the sun’s rays.

Verilux SAD therapy light is capable of simulating the sun’s bright light, offsetting any season-related depression. It emits light in its full spectrum, just like natural sunlight, giving the desired impression that it’s always summer the whole year round. Even when you’re cooped up in your room during winter, the Verilux SAD therapy light provides sunlight for you.

The Verilux SAD therapy light can be attached to your wall or placed atop your table. It utilizes the Verilux 36 Watt bulb, with 5000 hours of life, using Trucolite Phosphor technology. It does not emit harmful ultraviolet rays so there’s no need to worry about wrinkles and skin cancer. Feel free to bask in Verilux light and let the sun into your room the whole year round.