Apollo Therapy

Light Therapy can be used for a degree of different things.

SAD also KNOWN as Seasonal Affective Disorder, uses Light Therapy as a treatment plan for people with this ailment. SAD is a form of depression that comes from not getting enough light in the winter months. Light therapy is believed to help you rest better through the night, thus boosting your energy and improving your moods throughout the day.

It is said that our bodies are regulated with light and that is how Light Therapy came about. Apollo Light Therapy is made to use during the fall and winter months when your body gets less sunlight as the seasons have changed. This form of treatment is all natural and has no harsh chemicals in it, which leads to no harmful side effects.

Light Therapy can be used for several things and you do not have to worry about harmful UV rays as all that has been analyzed and has passed all the protocols that are required. The first handbook for doctors was made this year. This handbook tells doctors how to use Light Therapy for depression patients. It is also used by doctors for patients that suffer from sleeping sickness. Chronotherapeutics is a variety of treatment that is set with your biological clock for efficient and timely results.

NASA has even used light therapy for astronauts to train for a midnight flight. Light Therapy is used for babies that have jaundice and must get a certain amount of light daily to get the yellowish tint out of their skin. Light Therapy assists babies in the process that is needed for jaundice relief. Light Therapy is also used in tanning beds as UVA/UVB lights in order for people to darken the pigmentation of their skin. So as you can see Light Therapy has several different uses, who knew that light would have come so far.